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How To Know If Your Period Or Menstruation Is Near.

All women in this world usually experience changes in their life about 1-2 weeks before the menstruation period start. Many mature women have premenstrual syndrome in their productive life. Since all humans are not the same, some experience severe PMS which is the premenstrual syndrome signs than others.

Menstruation, as a stage in ladies life is also known as period and it involves the bleeding female genital organ. This is not only flow of blood but it is partly blood and partly tissue which usually occurs monthly.

Let take speed look at some common signs that shows that your period is coming.


This is common problem that you will encounter at that month and all isΒ  because of hormones. In our world, mature woman experience severe acne than men. As ypur period about to start, hormones rise up an oil called sebum which cause pimples and clogs pores in and out of the human system.

Cyclical breast pain

It is at this period you will experience heavy and swollen breast. This happens right after ovulation which occurs in female system before menstruation blood starts. When this happens, estrogen, prolactin and progesterone play a special role.

Can’t sleep but you will feel very tired

He moving of hormones disturb your sleep pattern and at the same time make you feel lazy and tired. There will be an increase of body temperature by progesterone and estrogen. When this happens, you can get a perfect sat the time your body temperature decreases.

Diarrhea and constipation occurs

This varies in many women. In that months,Β  some mature females experience constipation whiles others too experience diarrhea.


This occurs when getting to period. This is not that you’re sickness because it normal and happens in all mature cycles since the movement of estrogen is active.

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