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How To Get Free Airtime From MTN | Check The Ultimate Trick Methods

If you have tap on this article i assume that you want an airtime to make very important calls and also to be able to learn something special from and you know what, you are precious on our website now because you want to educate yourself.

Let take a quick look at MTN as a broad service. This service provider is doing great jn out country. They rewards their users inane ways and even they give loan to some qualified users.

Let get straight to the point. Do you know that you can redeem airtime gift free of charge from MTN? Many people don’t know this trick and even some sees it to be a spam but let me tell you something, I just redeem this airtime gift for free. Dont worry because today, I will show you how to get it also and please, after you get your airtime, make sure your share this information.

Firstly, you have to dail *550# and send it. There will be a pop like the screenshot below. Select option 8 and send it also.

After that, you will seen another pop up like what is showing below a d what you have to do is to select option 1. Remember, if you don’t see pop ups let what you see here then you have missing the steps.

Secondly, select option 99 and tap on send and when you do this, you have to see something like the picture below then you continue to put in 2 and send it.

Furthermore, select airtime as option 1 and send it. This will bring up many point with airtime that you can redeem but make sure that, the airtime that you select must be less than or equal to your redeem points.

Finally, you are good to go! This is very simple and useful right? Then don’t forget to share to your friends and family and if youbhabe any question let me see it in the comment box below.Stay safe and stay tune.

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